The characteristics of the rubber synchronous belt

by:Uliflex     2020-11-19
The characteristics of the rubber synchronous belt ( 1) Transmission accurately, non-slip at work, have a constant velocity ratio; ( 2) Is stable and has buffer and damping capacity, low noise; ( 3) High transmission efficiency, energy saving effect is obvious; ( 4) Convenient maintenance, without lubrication and maintenance cost is low; ( 5) Large range of speed ratio, a larger scope of power transmission, can reach several to several hundred thousand watts; ( 6) Can be used in long distance transmission center distance. Main failure mode of the rubber synchronous belt transmission belt body fatigue fracture; (2) toothed shearing and crushing; (3) with side, tooth wear, bag cloth strip; (4) carrying layer elongation, pitch increases, form the interference of tooth, tooth; (5) impact, overload with fracture.
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