The characteristics of the synchronous belt wheel and usage is introduced

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Synchronous belt wheel it is usually made of steel material, some also use aluminum or cast iron, brass and so on material! The inner hole is also there are many different forms, such as some are round hole, some of them are D shape of the hole, and some are tapered hole! Its surface or through a series of processing, such as through oxidation character, pass the galvanized and high frequency quenching and so on! Then the characteristics of synchronous belt and what it? It has many characteristics of synchronous belt, the following are introduced one by one to you! The first point is that it has good accuracy, drive up there would be no sliding, very accurate and has a relatively stable transmission ratio! The second point is that its transmission is very smooth, in terms of buffer and the vibration is a corresponding decrease, but also won't have too big noise produced! The third point is its transmission efficiency is enough than the average transmission, and its energy saving effect is very good! Synchronous belt is the fourth round of the maintenance of the machine it is very convenient, also do not need lubrication for maintenance, so can reduce the cost of a certain! The fifth is that it is faster than the range is larger, general linear velocity can reach speeds of more than 50 metres per second, and also is very big, the scope of its power transmission can reach hundreds of kilowatts commonly! 6 kinds of characteristics is that it can be compared to drive long distances, and center distance can be in more than 10 meters can be! The first seven is it without any pollution, pollution or is on a lot of can't have the working environment more strict place using the synchronous belt wheel is better! So there are so many characteristics of synchronous belt in what place to use it more? Now it is primarily in some machinery manufacturing industry, or the automotive industry, and textile or is mine, and so on used in the industry of more! Believe that after the synchronous belt will be more widely used to people to!
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