The core of the mechanical and electrical equipment coupling parts more mature

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Belt is the prime mover motor or produced by the rotation of the engine power, through the pulley by the belt transmission to the machinery and equipment, so it is also called the power band. It is the core of the mechanical and electrical equipment connected components, unusually wide range and has extensive USES. From big to thousands of kilowatts of giant motor, small to less than a kilowatt of micro motor, including home appliances, computers, robots and other fine mi machinery, cannot leave the belt. Zui big feature of it is free variable speed, transmission distance, simple structure, easy to change. So, from the original mechanical to modern automatic equipment belt, product, after repeated evolution technology mature gradually. In recent years, with the rise of new and high technology industries, the use of new materials produced by belt has gradually replaced traditional products, especially the pu belt. At present, the German Jin Ke Lin, Swiss khabarov base, radar, and the Japanese companies such as SAN tin, is the well-known large companies of this field, and to give priority to with polyurethane high dang and special micro zone as its leading products to develop. To develop linear positioning, transfer of control and transmission market PU polyurethane products the United States Gates Mectrol company also launched the polyurethane conveyor belt used in the food industry. This new product is a kind of 3 mm pitch transfer belt, its pitch is small and soft, makes it easy to transfer from one conveyor to another conveyor. Polyurethane flexibility is better than the plastic link type conveyor belt conveyor belt, the conveyor belt of food industry need often clean, so plastic chain belt needs a large number of cleaning, and the polyurethane conveyor belt is easy to clean. Plastic chain belt residual bacteria, also takes time to remove. Gates Mectrol new PU polyurethane synchronous belt won't remain a lot of bacteria, and clean up quickly. Belt zui new kinds of products are toothed belt, also called synchronous belt. It combines the advantages of gear, chain and belt transmission device for an organic whole, with high transmission efficiency, accurate drive ratio, low noise, energy saving, easy maintenance, etc. Although its transmission principle, several designed li appeared as early as 1900, but it was not until half a century later industrialization began, in the 80 s turned out to be the dominant of fine mi mechanical transmission products. Especially made of saturated d/rubber and polyurethane elastomer high precision micro belt, has entered the high-tech fields. Tags: three guinness triangle toothed triangle triangle triangle agent manufacturers polyurethane PU synchronous belt
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