The correct installation process of PU timing belt

by:Uliflex     2020-05-24
Turn off the power, remove the protective cover, and loosen the mounting bolts of the motor. Move the motor to make the PU timing belt loose enough to remove the belt without prying off. Never pry off the belt. When installing the synchronous belt, if the center distance between the two pulleys can be moved, the center distance of the pulley must be shortened first, and then the center distance should be reset after the synchronous belt is installed. If there is a tensioner, first relax the tensioner, then install the timing belt, and then install the tensioner. Remove the old belt and check whether there is any abnormal wear. It may mean that there is a problem in the design or maintenance of the transmission. When installing the timing belt on the pulley, do not use excessive force or use a screwdriver to pry the timing belt to prevent the timing belt Of the tensile layer produces breakage that is imperceptible in appearance. When designing the pulley, it is best to choose a structure where the two shafts can move closer to each other. If the structure does not allow it, it is best to install the PU timing belt and the pulley together on the corresponding shaft. To clean the belt and pulley, wipe the cloth with a little non-volatile liquid. Soaking in detergent or scrubbing the belt with detergent is not advisable. In order to remove oil and dirt, scraping with sandpaper or sharp objects is obviously also undesirable. The belt must be kept dry before installation and use.
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