The design of the synchronous belt wheel is very rigorous work pays attention to details

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Such a device for synchronous pulleys, both in structure design, or in terms of specific size and material and so on, all have very strict requirements, all aspects need to conform to the requirements of the pulley, can obtain very good assembly, under such at the time of application can achieve the functions such as performance is very good. Considering the application requirements, such as remind factory pay attention to optimize the design of the synchronous belt wheel at the outset, only guarantee the pulley design work will do a good job, can ensure that produce pulley can fully meet the requirements. So the design of the pulley is very rigorous work, pays attention to detail, must want to manufacturers in many details are optimized, can truly to do a good job of the design of the pulley. Specific design work of the synchronous belt wheel, you first need to manufacturer by considering the relevant factors, determine the good belt wheel center distance and module, and then is to use geometric calculation method to calculate the basic parameters of the gear, calculate after good basic parameters can be accurately check tooth surface contact strength and bending strength of tooth root. According to the process steps to design pulley, pledged to every part of the numerical sure good, so that the overall design is very scientific, the pulley is good guarantee on the quality and function.
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