The development history of double-sided tooth synchronous belt and characteristics

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Double-sided tooth synchronous belt with its light structure, no slip meshing transmission, low noise characteristics are the general machinery, textile, precision instrument, petrochemical industry, communications cable industry, recognition and has been widely applied. Double-sided tooth synchronous belt is in the single tooth on the basis of research and development of the industrial belt, the concept of it in the early 1990 s has been put forward in the field of our country some special customers, but the technical conditions are not mature enough, but at the time of the double-sided tooth synchronous belt on international already, but our country was unable to get the first close technical information and data. Later under the cooperation and support of relevant scientific research units, in the domestic experts visit gathered a large number of foreign belt related information and visited a number of belt, senior experts, after solving the molding technology of double-sided tooth synchronous belt, vulcanization process and related supporting facilities, in 2003 passed the appraisal of new products. Double-sided tooth synchronous belt not only integrated the advantages of gear, chain and belt transmission, overcome the other belt skid, elongation and other shortcomings, constitute a kind of unique way of transmission, and it is at a constant speed ratio, speed range, compact structure, shaft, oil resistant, resistant to moisture, without lubrication, and many other advantages and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.
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