The development of circular knitting machine triangle

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Circular knitting machine knitting system, high speed, high output, flower shape change fast, good quality fabric, process, product, strong adaptability, less development so quickly. According to the production fabric to the kinds of specific division, there are the following: 1, single circular knitting machine series; 2, double circular knitting machine. System composition, A) Electrical control system for operational parameters, simple button operation, fault automatic stop instructions. 1, control panel composed of microcomputer and highly integrated control circuit, the parameter setting is convenient, buttons and reliable operation, direct display of information. 2, inverter motor ( The motor) Ac control system important parts, can be achieved by controlling the output frequency to change the purpose of the motor speed. Can speed adjusting range is extensive, start, stop, slow performance by the parameter setting, can be done quickly and smoothly, avoid shock. 3, electric control box line clear orderly, and the entire cabinet inside the waste, can have xiao ventilation, prevent the dust. Electrical wiring in the blind, both beautiful and safe. ( 2) Transmission mechanism is controlled by frequency converter infinitely variable speed motor. Motor adopts triangle or synchronous belt ( Cog belt) Drive, drive shaft gear, the triangle is passed to the grail gear at the same time, thus promote cylinder carrying the knitting, weaving. Above the drive shaft to the great circle drawing machine, drive send yarn transport volume, the yarn. Requirements drive mechanism smooth operation and no noise. This article by rubber synchronous belt original, reproduced please indicate the copyright: http://www. lilainuo。 com
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