The difference between polyurethane synchronous belt and rubber synchronous belt

by:Uliflex     2020-11-19
Polyurethane synchronous belt and rubber synchronous belt is the main difference between different materials used in the manufacture, the material of different will cause the differences of their performance, and polyurethane synchronous belt and rubber synchronous belt what are the advantages and disadvantages between each point? The PU with neoprene Uliflex company research and development of these two kinds of material were studied, respectively. Through contrast, application screening with customers, our company is now mainly in the production of polyurethane synchronous belt, pu performance are mainly the performance of the rubber is more able to adapt to the demand of the market. Our company production of high wear-resistant PU synchronous belt, quality stable and reliable, by a large number of enterprise customers affirmation and support, one more choice is not wrong, perhaps what you need in Uliflex here! Well, first of all, PU and neoprene two materials are one of the elastomer. Polyurethane TPU and CPU two general points. Casting polyurethane CPU is an organic whole, intensity bigger, strong wear resistance. Polyurethane TPU is thermoplastic, extrusion. In domestic is generally use neoprene rubber. And the difference between the polyurethane synchronous belt and rubber synchronous belt is: 1, polyurethane synchronous belt: excellent self-cleaning and water resistance is poor, temperature range - 5 to 80 degrees, oil resistance, ozone resistance. 2, rubber synchronous belt: poor self-cleaning and good resistance to water, and temperature range 40 to 80 degrees, poor oil resistance, ozone resistance is poor. Now everyone understand? If you want to know more about the use environment of polyurethane synchronous belt and rubber synchronous belt, machinery, etc. , please call free service hotline: 400 - 877 - 9231
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