The emergence of the direct selling to synchronous belt have what change

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
With the development of economy, a lot of nouns appear before economy, direct sale is one of them, and the emergence of the direct selling to synchronous belt with a lot of change, these changes make enterprises have better development, so the emergence of the direct selling to synchronous belt have what change? To understand the changes brought by the direct selling, first you need to understand the direct selling. Direct sales model is essentially by simplified, eliminating intermediaries, to reduce the circulation cost of the products and meet the demand of the customer benefit maximization. In the direct sales model, there are two sales teams, namely manufacturers to distributors, again by dealers to customers. At home, manufacturers of direct selling is defined on the basis of a certain appeal to the public, direct communication with the target customer, in order to achieve practical consumer marketing activity. The elements of direct selling has three aspects, one is public support consumer consciousness, the second is the establishment of a one-to-one relationship with formation, 3 it is now the focus of field display and promotion. Due to the direct selling directly to customers, reduced the storage area and to eliminate the bad debts, dealers and not the extra cost of inventory, thus can protect the interests of the firm and its clients, speed up the pace of growth. Actually direct, to some extent, for the vast number of users, quite good, after all, which saves a lot of unnecessary trouble, so buy products will be relatively cost-effective. And direct synchronous belt, for consumers, and how the place? The most direct embodiment of, be afraid is on the question of price, this is fairly straightforward. And the price is each user want. But low price at the same time, the pace of some manufacturers in the process, steal refueling, will be some normal synchronous belt products and inferior products, will have a lot of errors in the final use. And users on the choice of room, also increased a lot, after all, this kind of direct sales, factory will be a lot of kinds of synchronous belt together, allowing the user to select, so not only on price discount a lot, even on the choice leeway, also would be advantageous to the user, taken together, the continuous development of direct marketing way, for the vast number of users, is extremely obvious. Through this small make up, everybody for direct synchronous belt, whether to have a better understanding, everybody on the part of the choose and buy, also want to get enough attention to details, there is no guarantee, will surely there is a big obstacle.
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