The feeling of full of beautiful things in eyes 'synchronous belt'

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Synchronous belt works in bad environment, will not be in the dust impurities, water and corrosion medium under the bad environment of produce damage, and under the environment of rain will not skid. Easy maintenance, low running cost, as far as possible choose glass fiber, steel wire materials such as synchronous belt, because this kind of material elongation is very low, can bear greater tension. Synchronous belt is various kinds of specifications, applicable scope broad, facing the industrial choice also is full of beautiful things in eyes. Pulley installation time need to pay attention to the belt wheel axis parallelism, make each pulley drive center located on the same plane, prevent oblique slant for pulleys, and bringing pressure on the retaining ring, intensifying with flank wear, even the cut-off by retaining ring. Therefore, the pulley deflection need to be adjusted, can be transferred to the allowed range of the oblique Angle.
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