The following flat belt storage precautions you know?

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
We are installing a flat belt, belt and pulley should keep clean, do not stick to dye grease or other chemicals on the belt, not working with oil and water; And before installation to check whether the drive shaft and the driving wheel vertical and parallel, etc. So the question comes, when we get a flat belt, if don't need to use for a long time under the condition of how to save? Next, Uliflex jun about flat belt storage considerations for everyone. ( Here should be a applause. ) The use of a planar transmission belt, belt storage temperature temperature is below 80 ° C, commonly we are stored flat belt, preferably at room temperature, because of all kinds of belt is different because the materials used in the manufacture, temperature will be different, the specific situation to look at the actual application of the belt and the materials used in the production belt. Second, avoid the belt is cut or excessive bending flat belt during storage should avoid to make the belt by cutting or excessive bending and deformation. Three or belt to avoid direct sunlight, rain and snow dip tube during storage or transportation, should avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow rain belt. Four, try to prevent the belt from contact with the chemical product and keep the belt clean, prevent the belt from direct contact with acid-base oils and organic solvents and affect the use quality of flat belt. In the storage and transportation of flat belt, you still have what doubt? Welcome to inquire!
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