The future - — Synchronous belt in the direction of future development

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
With the development of the synchronous belt industry, high requirement and high automation has become the premise. In view of the domestic product contrast the problems revealed by abroad, experts suggest some objective: first, improve the performance of production equipment. With the development of automation, the synchronous belt is to realize automation in production. In this way, the existing old equipment modification, obsolete, or to introduce new equipment. Second, according to market demand, the development of the targeted devices. Three, strengthening independent research and development. There is no independent product is synchronous belt industry today generally like now. To strengthen the research and development of new technology, new technology has also become the primary problem. Have independent property rights, to improve their ability of competition in the market, out of their own path. Four, attaches great importance to the quality inspection, and improve the test equipment. “ Practice is the absolute principle & throughout; , only after a large number of experiments, to accurately understand and locate synchronous belt product performance and its positioning; Only through the quality monitoring, to determine the production of synchronous belt product quality or unqualified. Through the above points, I believe I can make the life of the domestic production enterprises of the synchronous belt, improve the competitiveness in the market, bring market benign development, the distance of the gap with the international level.
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