The installation process and five characteristics

by:Uliflex     2020-06-07
When using conveyor chain plates, how should we install conveyor chain plates? Let me briefly talk to you below: First, we first determine the center line of the head and tail wheels. Secondly, determine the horizontal plane of the head and tail wheel group. (Note: In this place, generally find the level through the embedded plate of the base) and then plug the oblique iron or gasket to ensure that the level of the head and tail wheel groups is within 1-2mm. Again, install the middle bracket to ensure that it is on a horizontal line. Before welding between the bracket and the embedded plate of the bracket (note: ensure horizontal and vertical), continuous welding is required, then install the rail, and ensure that the rail and the head are installed during the installation of the conveyor chain. The connecting sprocket of the tail sprocket prevents the chain and sprocket teeth from being connected smoothly. Finally, the installation of the remaining chain plates and rollers is very simple. The main reason is the alignment just started. The horizontal and vertical determinations should be as accurate as possible. If the deviation is too large, you must re-find it. The conveyor belt should have the following five characteristics: 1. Large capacity and high speed High productivity and low unit time production cost 2. long lasting The wear of the conveyor mesh belt and the supporting roller is the main reason for limiting the life of the conveyor. The friction factor between the small conveyor belt and the supporting lifter enhances the wear resistance of the conveyor belt and improves the performance of the supporting roller. The service life of the conveyor. 3. Low production cost In ordinary belt conveyors-the cost of supporting rollers accounts for 17% -25% of the entire belt conveyor, and due to excessive moving parts, maintenance costs are expensive. Caizhou no-roller support or non-candle support is the most effective way to reduce the belt conveyor into wood. 4. Low energy consumption About 80% of the energy of the conveyor belt is consumed in friction loss. The most effective way to reduce friction loss is to use non-pulling conveyor belt, which requires only 20% of the motor power of ordinary conveyor belt 5. Intelligent Future models should be closely connected with the Micro King computer, suitable for program control and can only be operated. Material loading and unloading, machine installation and maintenance should be able to achieve intelligent management
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