The normal work of the flat belt 'secrets', hurriedly received first

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
This period Uliflex jun to bring us the 'secrets' is the correct installation method of flat belt installation. Share, this is the real 'dry' to 'ears' to listen to, flat belt correct installation method is as follows: a tear open outfit, the correct way when we in the mounting flat belt, ban violent tear open outfit, avoid damage because of the hard to pry flat belt or transmission mechanism. In the tear open outfit, we should regulate even have a belt wheel center distance, after waiting for the belt loose, to go for the belt replacement. 2 if the old and new and old belt at the same time the belt on the pulley, so we can be unloaded belt and belt at the same time. Three, old and new belt can't mix if the drive mechanism is composed of a set or more drive belt for transmission, when the flat belt need to be replaced, be sure to keep in mind the old and new bag can not be mixed, two straps are to be replaced. Three, two parallel flat belt pulley keep axis is installed in the groove, the outside perimeter of the flat belt and belt wheel rim flush, and must be kept parallel to the axis of the two pulleys. Four, flat belt drive to install shield installation shield, prevent because of lubricating oil, cutting fluid, or other liquid splash into the flat belt, adverse conditions such as sliding caused by the belt transmission. Above is flat belt transmission belt of the correct installation method and matters needing attention, and which part you are in doubt? Welcome to point out or ask questions, everyone together communicate with each other, make progress together!
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