The origin of the industrial belt

by:Uliflex     2020-11-29
Light transmission with the light industrial belt, belt and walk with three types of bus. The first two were belt. Belt for transporting equipment energy's belt, flat transmission belt and transmission belt (triangle 'V' belt) 。 By rubber and strengthen information ( Such as cotton canvas, natural silk, decompose fiber or steel wire, etc. ) Formation. In multi-layer fiber fabric hanging plastic canvas, decomposition, cord and steel wire tensile layer, combined with rubber after forming, lead sulfide. Compared with the roller drive, chain drive, belt transmission is organising easier, low noise and facilities profits higher strengths, broadly used for all the energy transmission. Tool on the endless belt transmission, set are two belt wheels, multi-purpose high-profile lead core rubber or line, known as a belt.
the belt is the effect of the original energy generators or starter fills the air, through the pulley transmitted by adhesive tape to the equipment and facilities, so don't call energy zone. Joint element, it is the center of the mechanical and electrical facilities variety into a single, the use is extremely broad. How many thousands of huge generator kva, from big to small to spare a tiny kva generator, that includes furniture, fine equipment such as computers, tools, people is cannot leave the belt. It is the biggest characteristic is to the variable speed, nearly transmission, easy structure, change the lunch. Because, from the original equipment to ancient active facilities have belt RenYingEr, suffered a lot of goods repeated evolution, knowledge and naive.
the belt can be divided into triangular belt, synchronous belt ( Cog belt, when gauge belt) , flat belt ( Baseband, dragon belt) Belt, agricultural machine, high-speed oil belt, round belt ( Circular band) , oblate, water tower, Wide belt) , variable speed belt, variable speed belt, V belt (internal combustion engine car V belt) , serial transmission belt, flexible groove belt, hexagonal belt, belt, traction belt, transmission belt on the bus.
walks with wide use in lime, coking, metallurgy, chemical industry, steel and other business mediator to send a short interval, a smaller quantity of walking. Walks with adopting multi-layer hanging plastic, cotton canvas frame, nominal cover function good rubber material, caused by sulfide. All walks with applied must connect ring, because walks with joint is the use of indirect reaction walks with life spans and walks whether line turbulence running smoothly. Normal Abraham walked with joint use way without mechanical joints, cold, hot vulcanizing bonding joint after number one.
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