The pattern of automatic intelligent production

by:Uliflex     2020-05-29
Most double-sided tooth synchronous belt companies will choose the location when building a factory. The location here is mainly regional. Because the economy of the eastern coastal area of ??our country is relatively developed, many glass companies will choose to develop in the coastal area, so the synchronous belt has also been in coastal areas. Formed a dense area. The production line also pays more attention to flexible production. Because the current investment in the robot industry is increasing, it will help us free human physical labor. Therefore, automated production lines and processing equipment with highly automated procedures will be a new ray of sunshine in the 21st world. In the future, single and ordinary special processing will be replaced by fully automatic production lines. Many parts, including timing belts, have been transferred abroad, and many countries have already achieved the automation goal, especially the production of robots in developed countries such as Europe and the United States has been completely automated. Among the automation equipment, the most widely used is the synchronous belt, not only the mechanical equipment, but also widely used in the automotive industry. High-quality timing belts not only reduce energy consumption, but also ensure strength and longevity.
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