The primary method of cold sticky repair quality

by:Uliflex     2020-06-17
To improve the quality of cold adhesive repair, it is necessary to carry out scientific management. Cold stick repair quality management mainly includes cold stick materials, operators, cold stick working environment, cold stick skills and so on. (1) Cold-adhesive materials: Cold-adhesive materials usually need to be kept away from light at room temperature. If they are not handled properly, it is difficult to ensure the quality of cold-adhesive repairs. Therefore, the cold sticky materials must be handled strictly, the remaining materials must be sealed, and the dosage should be considered when dispensing the glue to prevent spoilage. It is not necessary to have cold sticky materials beyond the application period, to prevent danger. (2) Operators: Operators performing cold-stick repairs must pass skill training. If they are satisfied with cold-stick repair skills, they must have a scientific attitude and strictly follow the cold-stick repair skills. (3) Cold adhesive working environment: The cold adhesive repairing working environment is necessary to ensure the bonding quality. Among the environmental factors, humidity, temperature, and cleanliness have an important influence on the quality of cold adhesive repair. If the ambient air humidity is high, the surface of the conveyor belt after polishing will simply absorb moisture, affecting the wetness of the cold adhesive, and simply showing interface damage after bonding. In order to ensure the quality of cold adhesion, the ambient air humidity should not be greater than 85%. If the temperature of the cold adhesive environment is low, the fluidity of the cold adhesive is poor, and the surface temperature of the conveyor belt is also low. These factors make it difficult for the cold adhesive to wet the surface of the adhesive. Therefore, the temperature when cold sticking is usually not lower than 15 ℃, of course, too high temperature is not good, it is not easy to control, it is best not to exceed 25 ℃.
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