The requirements of the mechanical system for

by:Uliflex     2020-05-25
In order to ensure the transmission accuracy and working stability of the mechanical system, the following requirements are usually put forward for the double-sided tooth timing belt for the mechatronic system: (1) High precision The accuracy of the double-sided tooth timing belt directly affects the quality of the product, especially the mechanical and electrical integration products. Its technical performance, process level and function are greatly improved than ordinary mechanical products. Therefore, the high precision of the mechanical and electrical integration mechanical system is its The first requirement. If the accuracy of the mechanical system cannot meet the requirements, no matter how accurate the other systems of the mechatronics products work, they cannot complete their scheduled mechanical operations. (2) Quick response That is, the mechanical system is required to have a short time interval from receiving the command to starting the task specified by the command, so that the control system can timely issue commands according to the operating state information of the mechanical system to complete the task accurately. (3) Good stability That is, the working performance of the mechanical system is not affected by the external environment, and the anti-interference ability is strong. Synchronous belt is a transmission part which has the advantages of chain, gear and triangle tape. Because the timing belt is a transmission part that combines the advantages of chains, gears, and triangle tapes, it was first developed by the American Unirayal Rubber Company in 1940. In 1946, Singa Company used timing belts for the synchronous transmission of sewing machine needles and bobbins, and achieved significant benefits, and was gradually introduced to other mechanical transmissions.
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