The skirt belt of debugging

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Skirt conveyor belt after installed, need to debug. In terms of normal, this kind of debugging is a calibration of roller, roller test process. Correction skirt belt the different mind wandering, for debugging must remember the conveyor belt, belt first contact roller, roller side move. The skirt belt product debugging process should be how? Skirt belt 1. Conveyor belt at the edge of the adjustment of dress to say some roller, into a slot roller check to make sure no foreign body, and installed on a straight line. 2. For pretensioned skirt belt tensioning, determine the appropriate initial tension. 3. Let idle conveying equipment debugging, carefully adjusted at the same time, should be aware of at this moment, adjust the skirt belt when need a lot of patience. 4. At first adjust the skirt should be slow and intermittent conveyor belt, it can observe it quickly to whether belt running deviation, before the harm the tape to shut down the equipment in a timely manner. 5. To debug the long distance conveyor belt products, you should arrange people to observe, and be able to have the ability to stop the equipment in time. 6. For conveyor belt products, all must be in at the start of the calibration parameters, especially the conveyor belt was the first position. 7. Debugging the order of the most critical first adjust the return side towards the end the operation of the roller, and then according to adjust the transport belt running direction. Skirt belt improve enterprise efficiency is more than a few skirt belt debugging process, hoping to bring help.
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