The trapezoidal tooth polyurethane synchronous belt and the performance characteristics, you know?

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
Trapezoidal tooth synchronous belt has a long history, earlier than circular arc teeth appear, Uliflex as polyurethane synchronous belt of professional manufacturers, the production of industrial belt products sell like hot cakes at home and abroad, for global machinery and equipment manufacturers to provide more competitive products supporting services. By Uliflex industrial belt below introduce you to the performance characteristics of trapezoidal tooth. A, what is a trapezoidal tooth synchronous belt of ladder type tooth polyurethane synchronous belt in inches for the unit to determine the tooth pitch synchronous belt, the divided into straight tooth profile and involute tooth profile tooth form two kinds, among them with straight tooth profile is common. Second, the constitution of the trapezoidal tooth polyurethane synchronous belt, Uliflex production ladder model adopted by the tooth synchronous belt material for polyurethane ( PU) , the framework of synchronous belt adopt high strength steel wire rope as a material for production. Uliflex industrial belt co. , LTD. , a professional ladder type polyurethane synchronous belt manufacturer, now the production of PU synchronous belt type MXL, XL, L, H, XH, XXH. Three, the characteristics of the trapezoidal tooth polyurethane synchronous belt type tooth synchronous belt features mainly include: applicable to the line speed driving, elastic support and teeth combined with durability and light weight, synchronous belt constant smooth running, high efficiency, continuity and maintenance-free operation, compact design, etc. Ladder type polyurethane synchronous belt in addition to the general synchronous belt is the transmission of advantages, compared with circular arc tooth belt, allows larger linear velocity, that is to say, ladder type tooth synchronous belt can meet the synchronous belt wheel transmission mechanism of high speed, the advantage is that it with the characteristics of the gear tooth shape is square. For more information, what's your advice? Do you want to know more information about industrial belt? Welcome to come to consult!
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