The use of synchronous belt and conveyor belt and its disadvantage in market competition

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
Synchronous belt and conveyor belt widely used in coal mine, metallurgy, machinery, and the material warehousing, commodity quality, variety of specifications, and apply, at some level of the national economy and technology development level. Since & other;> & throughout; Times, our country will be high tenacity and flame retardant conveyor belt and a parallel to the radial tire technology to improve the focus of the procession. Through 20 years of efforts, has a high-tech content: commodities have become main led synchronous belt, the materials used in long distance transmission and impact resistance, resistance to tear and abrasion resistance of the steel cord conveyor belt; To ensure that the coal mine safe transfer of the flame retardant conveyor belt; Used in the steel and chemical manufacturing companies such as heat and cold resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance and the special use of a large Angle conveyor belt; Used in food and electronic goods such as transmitted light conveyor belt, etc with a pollution, it has already occupy the market leading position. And also development and batch production avoid scattered material, avoid dust flying tubular conveyor belt of energy conservation and environmental protection; Commodity quality can to or is close to international advanced level. Conveyor belt and synchronous belt are at the second big rubber tyres after class of industrial goods. Countries to develop safety, energy saving, environmental protection, high tenacity and flame retardant conveyor belt. In recent years. Synchronous belt used in mine and terminals, into a safe, energy-saving and environmentally friendly key commodities, are popular in domestic and overseas market. But in the entire adhesive tape industry's sustained and rapid development, because the domestic market is not standard, it also has many unfavorable factors of competition: 1 for blind development, the company quantity, but small and scattered; 2 for standard production, many small factories sale campaign means; 3 for the awareness of brand is poor, only to the price is low, does not pay attention to quality; I lack of macro-control efforts, the market is not properly clean up.
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