Timing belt application for each tooth type

by:Uliflex     2020-07-02
1. Application of polyurethane timing belts T80, T5, T10 The main purpose: T80 Mainly used in printers, copiers, car antennas, projectors, and pin printers T5 Mainly used for data recorder, fax machine, sewing machine T10 Mainly used in automatic packaging machines, card readers, textile machines, paper machines, NC lathes, handling machinery 2. Application of MTL, XL, L, H, XH, XXH The main purpose: H series Small milling machines, lawn mowers, generators, compressors, shredding shears, drilling and finishing machines, drilling machines, glass bottle making machines, food machines, rope winding machines, rolls, woodworking machines XH series Lumber machine, cutting machine, cutter, mixer, pump, welding machine, centrifugal separator, drilling machine, vibration grinding machine, lathe, loom, paper machine, textile machine XXH series Blower, high-pressure pump, variable speed machine, rod mill, compressor, NC lathe, vibrator, mixer, grinding drilling machine MXL/XL series Household sewing machines, typewriters, automatic deposit machines, currency exchange machines, printing machines, fax machines, measuring equipment, ticket vending machines, cameras, paper feeders, printers, CPU supporting equipment, card readers, fish detection machines, medical measurement Machines, blood pumps, radio equipment, stereos, video recorders, editing machines L series Vending machines, wipers, packaging machines, elevators, ice crushers, industrial dryers, unmanned golf carts, Computers, copiers, plastic mirror grinders, food machinery, seaweed takers 3. Arc tooth synchronous belt S1.5M, S2M, S3M, S5M, S8M, S14M, HTD-8M, HTD-14M? Application The main purpose OA machines―copiers, fax machines, electronic computing terminals, printers, X-Y plotters, word processors Vending machines-ticket vending machines, ticket gates, exchange machines, automatic teller machines (ATM), banknote computers Household appliances-juice machine, blender, sewing machine, vacuum cleaner, electric tool Electronic applications-computers, video recorders, fish detection machines, flaw detectors, depth sounders, robots Electronic instruments-rotary machine, recorder, oscilloscope, data processing system, various testing machines Woodworking machinery Textile machines-spinning machines, twisting machines Papermaking machinery-mixers, dryers, calenders Machine tools-drilling machines, lathes, thread cutting machines, drilling machines, grinding machines, milling machines, NC lathes Others―fans, printing machines, toys, medical machines, fitness machines, printing machines The advantages are most suitable for computers, office appliances, etc. that require high precision and smooth rotation, such as computers, office appliances, etc., and can make good use of the advantages of circular teeth.
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