Triangle flotation machine to bring convenience

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Flotation machine is mainly used for separating copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold and other non-ferrous metals, can also be used for roughing and select black metal and nonmetal. Machine produced by motor spinning triangle belt transmission to drive the impeller and centrifugal effect to form the negative pressure, on the one hand, plenty of air inhaled mixed with pulp, on the one hand, mixing slurry mixed with drugs, refining the bubble at the same time, make the mineral adhesive foam, float to the pulp surface to form the mineralized froth. Adjusting the damper height, control the liquid level, making useful foam by scraper scrape. Coal slime and medicament mixture into the flotation machine diyi chamber under the trough, the impeller rotation, form a negative pressure in the cavity, the wheels make the pulp in the tank and tank under respectively by the impeller under the suction on the suction and into the mixed zone, and also makes the air along the guide sleeve into the mixing zone, pulp, air and medicament mixed here. Under the effect of impeller centrifugal force, after mixing the slurry into the mineralization zone, air bubble and shattered, and contact with the coal grain full, formation of mineralized bubbles, under the action of the stator and the turbulent flow plate, evenly distributed in the tub cross section, and move up into the separation zone, enrichment of foam layer formation, discharge, by blowing bubble cleans foam. Sorting swivel slow rotation, triangle, when separation chamber into the floating area, at this time of the selected material pulp distributor respectively to separation point, the weak magnetic mineral grains sucked on the tooth plate and with sorting ring rotation. Non-magnetic mineral grains under the action of gravity and slurry flow through tooth plate gap, into a tailings in the slot at the bottom of the separating ring. Sorting room cleaning of middlings was transferred to position, a small amount of water for cleaning, the inclusion of gangue, even had body and slime wash into tailings slot ( The machine is not set middlings slot) To achieve the goal of improve the quality of concentrate. Main effects are the following: (1) easy inclusion in foam products, bring down the concentrate grade. (2) easy to cover on the coarse surface, the influence of coarse flotation. (3) the adsorption of reagents, increase the reagent consumption. (4) to make pulp hair stick, inflatable conditions deteriorate. This article by polyurethane industrial synchronous belt arc-gear synchronous belt original, reproduced please indicate the copyright: http://www. lilainuo。 com
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