Triangle importance manufacturers need to core technology

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Importance triangle triangle manufacturers need to core technology manufacturers, synchronous belt polishing, generally is one part of the synchronous belt, because the movement of the products is belong to the low speed high torque transmission, so should have outstanding high elasticity, wear resistance of polyurethane body, high permeability of force and the bending resistance, thus guarantee won't appear in the process of transmission wear phenomenon, of course, protection to the synchronous belt core. In a belt running from 2 to 3 years later, when the conductor to the fatigue life, belt failure belongs to the normal situation. After a long-term operation, the belt due to the conductor to the fatigue life and failure, it belongs to the ideal model of belt failure. Is uneven 45 degree Angle of serrated fracture belt, this is typical of the belt core reach normal fatigue life. Ring belt technology at present, although our country has greatly improved, but compared with foreign synchronous belt, there are still a lot of shortage, especially the following three points, make the competitiveness of the related enterprises in our country is lower than abroad, what at 3 o 'clock? Let's to explain in detail for you. 1) triangle manufacturers lack of core technology, independent innovation ability is poor. Our ring type PVC, PVG fabric core conveyor belt manufacturers is more small and medium enterprises, in addition to foreign capital and joint venture, only very few large synchronous belt enterprise owns national or provincial technology center, has specialized research and development team, more perfect laboratory equipment and testing instruments, and has the certain innovation ability. And foreign production of PVC, PVG ring type conveyor belt manufacturers are world famous enterprise, has the very strong core technology and own innovation ability, in manufacturing products as well as creating products, and the vast majority of domestic corporations in our country is manufacturing products rather than to create products.
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