Triangle manufacturer synchronous belt conveyor belt products

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Triangle, triangle series synchronous belt conveyor belt manufacturers products manufacturers of industrial synchronous belt conveyor belt mainly used: mainly used in ageing resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation several areas, such as used in the light of the tire sidewall, heat resistant conveyor belt, cable, wire, building waterproof, anti-corrosion lining, seal gasket sheet, doors and Windows sealing strip, household appliances accessories, plastic modification, etc. Industrial conveyor belt series products, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistant, heat resistant, cold resistant features such as industrial conveyor belt. Industrial conveyor belt ( Baoding industrial conveyor belt) USES: mainly used in mines, power plants and solid conveying for the metallurgical, chemical, and other enterprises. Through production practice, we think, CJ60 models under the high speed with good spinning process characteristics, can adapt to different length and grades of raw cotton, yarn quality is stable, the yarn quality index can reach or exceed 2007 uri stern communique 25% level. For the spinning of the company to improve the economic benefits of the product structure adjustment and provides the guarantee. CJ60 model machine and machine parts processing, assembly of high precision, high efficiency, low failure rate. Dynamic maintenance when the good parts interchangeability, security maintenance is easy to operate. Head low noise, high speed operation, Clamp times/min 350 and above) When the car is still relatively smooth noise. In addition, the model CJ60 good adaptability to the environment temperature and humidity changes. Companies affected by the machine arrangement and plant factors, combed and coarse workshop workshop air conditioning and sharing, occasionally in plum rains season humidity above 70%, the machine can normal operation. But when humidity is big, combing all dry variation and easy winding roller and roller. Usually the temperature control in 24 ℃ ~ 32 ℃, humidity control in 52% ~ 65%.
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