Triangle of elastic waves

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Triangle of elastic wave triangle firmness need regularly check adjustment, make it meet the requirements. Triangle too loose not only easy to slip, but also increase the triangle wear, can't even pass the power; Too loose or too tight, will not only make the triangle stretch deformation damage easily, also can cause a main bearing clutch bearing because of the force is too large, and accelerate the triangle wear. The correct inspection method is: in the middle of each tape with the hand, the sink of the 2 kg of vertical pressure, to ( 20 - - 30) Millimeter advisable, is improper to adjust in a timely manner. Protected from contamination using carefully in the triangle oil and stained with mud, avoid contact with acid, alkali and other corrosive substances, in case of skid triangle and early damage and corrosion. Daily maintenance and user to master correct gist of operation in normal driving, according to the instructions of technical requirements, the start and the brakes to avoid fierce: should also prevent often overloaded function; The machine stopped for a long time should be removing the triangle separately store.
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