TYBELT flat belt series products for industry

by:Uliflex     2020-11-20
Uliflex TYBELT flat belt series product is suitable for various industries: TYBELT Uliflex flat belt R series flat belt is suitable for the textile industry of twisting machine, twisting machine, winding machine, carding machine, spinning machine, high-speed transmission; Light transmission, and other industry tangential transmission and ordinary, such as printing, packaging, electronics, wire and cable industry. TYBELT Uliflex flat belt RR series flat belt is used for packaging machinery and woodworking machinery, such as box machine, automatic box gluing machine, order machine, edge banding machine and woodworking. TYBELT flat belt SL series and DL series is suitable for textile printing and dyeing industry, engineering machinery, papermaking industry, stone industry, metallurgical industry, wire and cable industry and other harsh environments of transmission or delivery TYBELT Uliflex flat belt F series, RF series flat belt is suitable for printing machines, such as offset printing machine, folding machine, laminating machine, polishing machine, etc. ; Packaging machinery, such as sealing machine, etc. ; And grinding machinery and other industries of light transmission or delivery. TYBELT flat belt S series flat belt series of textile spindle tape used in the textile industry of spinning machine, twisting machine and other light industries conveyor for more product details, can consult relevant materials or toll-free hotline: 400 - 877 - 9231
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