'Uliflex' imported industrial belt application

by:Uliflex     2020-09-24
The scope and characteristics of imported industrial belts include customized PVC conveyor belts, timing belt gears, high temperature resistant conveyor belts, rubber PU timing belts, PU triangle belts wholesale, etc.

Scope of application of imported industrial belts:

Imported industrial belts are suitable for imported industrial belts with open or closed transmission systems in the industrial field.


1. Imported industrial belts have two structures: cloth wrapping or trimming. The special rubber fiber determines that it has both high lateral rigidity and longitudinal flexibility, high load-bearing capacity and long life.

2. Imported industrial belt has strong side pressure resistance and low elongation. It can run smoothly at high speed.

3. The toothed structure of imported industrial belts can reduce heat accumulation or stress concentration and prolong the belt life.
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