'Uliflex' imported industrial belts need maintenance

by:Uliflex     2020-09-24
Imported industrial belts also need maintenance, including customized PVC conveyor belts, timing belt gears, high temperature resistant conveyor belts, rubber PU timing belts, PU triangle belts wholesale, etc.

Nowadays, life is developing more and more rapidly, and the competition between various industries is becoming more and more fierce. For some transportation and packaging industries, imported industrial belts are an essential thing for them. Imported industrial belts are as early as last year. It appeared in the 1960s, and after more than half a century of development, it has become more mature, and the types of imported industrial belts have become more and more diverse.
The role of imported industrial belts for the packaging industry is beyond doubt, so its daily maintenance work is also very important. First, check whether the driving wheel, the driven wheel and the tensioning wheel are on the same plane before installation, and adjust the error to meet the requirements before installing and tensioning. When the imported industrial belt is stained with grease, oil, etc., it is easy to slip, and accelerate the aging and damage of the imported industrial belt. Once found, it should be cleaned with gasoline in time, or it can be cleaned with alkaline water and other cleaning agents. Never bring oil. operation. In addition, the working temperature of imported industrial belts should generally not exceed 60°C. If the temperature is too high, the damage of the transmission belt will reduce its service life. During operation, the belt pulley may be deformed, cracked, bearing wear or key looseness, peripheral hole wear, etc. We should repair or replace related parts in time. When not in use for a long time, the transmission belt should be removed and hung in a ventilated and dry place, or the tension pulley should be loosened to make the imported industrial belt slack.
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