Using rubber synchronous belt model appropriate width

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Using the plastic flow in the rubber synchronous belt in heating, canvas from core crack filling the die to form a toothed gear, vulcanization and then removed from the model into the appropriate width. The production process, the manufacturing process of belt artificially divided into several pieces, can't link up; Combined with the transmission belt specifications too much, production batch is small, frequent product changes, to the continuous of process equipment, automation has brought many difficulties, the production efficiency is very low. The current trend of the development of abroad, one is to research and implementation process of continuous production, improve the level of automatic control equipment, prompted greatly improve production efficiency, 2 it is to continue to expand use liquids such as polyurethane elastomer, radically simplify process, shorten the process, change the traditional way of rubber processing technology. Now, polyurethane liquid phase process in small and micro, has dominated, is optimistic outlook. In recent years, with the rise of new and high technology industries, this kind of miniature HABASIT flat belt especially in computer peripheral equipment, office automation equipment and ShengLiHua equipment widely used in such aspects. For example, automatic ticket machine, automatic ticket machine, money machine, hair ticket machine, automatic teller machines, bank settlement machine, inspection machine, copy machine, medical equipment, automatic packaging machine, fish finder, etc. , and Japan Europe and other countries to double-digit growth every year.
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