V v-belt is industrial research object

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
V v-belt V v-belt is industrial research object with the development of our country's economy and market the deepen understanding of the synchronous belt wheel transmission mechanism, synchronous belt tooth shape design level has been improved. Our country has been used in the former Soviet union and the European three arc although a straight tooth transmission performance is good, but the design and manufacture of relatively complex. Moss companies in the United States launched by 30 degrees pressure Angle involute tooth profile, composed of its chain called HV chain, has a good high speed transmission performance. Another significant feature is the application of CAD/CAM technology, promote the development of the technique of synchronous belt wheel directly. Synchronous belt wheel drawing software has entered the market, using the software as long as input the related parameters, such as with the chain size of synchronous belt wheel structure form, the number of teeth, etc. , can be mapped synchronous belt wheel work soon. Synchronous belt width and pitch and pitch line length due to the determination of synchronous belt width, the calculation formula is complex, so often used in practical design calculation, the circumferential force again refer to allowable twisting force in the mechanical design manual, finds out the corresponding bandwidth and pitch, generally take 5. The euro. After determining pitch and bandwidth, according to the initial center distance calculation with pitch line length, then according to the standard choice, if does not conform to, can adjust center distance. Information: V triangle, triangle manufacturer at http://www. lilainuo。 com
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