What are the causes of the scars on the conveyor chain?

by:Uliflex     2020-05-21
1. During the cutting process, the conveyor chain plate has a slag-returning appearance steel plate on the head and tail of the slab, which will seriously form a fine slag steel strip firmly attached to the upper surface of the slab. The slag steel is formed because the active metal at the slit cannot be blown away in time during the cutting process of the casting billet, but overflows upward along the slit and accumulates on the upper end of the casting billet. Analysis of the reasons for the increase in the surface slag accumulation on the slab include: low oxygen purity, inappropriate application pressure or large fluctuations; later diameter of the cutting nozzle, diameter expansion; different steel types or cross-section steel plates, the cutting speed setting is not suitable, And the cutting effect is worsened. 2. During the rolling process of the finishing mill, the conveyor chain plate will appear that the head and tail of the plate hit the side guide plate, sparks are scattered, and some splashes are scattered on the steel plate. It is mainly caused by the meandering twists and turns of the finished rolling plate, the violation of the center line of the steel plate and the finishing roll, the poor rolling unit rolling, rolling, and off-roll control, resulting in the side of the head and tail of the steel plate hitting the side guide plate of the finishing rolling unit The subsequent frame is pressed into the outer surface of the steel plate to form a scar. 3. It is generally believed that the burrs that are not cut in the cast billet are not effectively removed in time, which is the main reason for the scarring of the steel plate. The casting machine is equipped with a spindle-type deburring machine steel plate after the second cut of the casting billet, relying on the photoelectric cell to detect the orientation of the casting billet, automatically controlling the lifting of the deburring machine, and rotating the hammer knife to remove the burr at the head and tail of the lower table. The burrs are not cleaned and will cause damage to the steel plate during the subsequent rolling process, forming scars.
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