What are the requirements for storage of rubber

by:Uliflex     2021-04-03
Many people may know about conveyor belts, but there is another very important factor in the composition of conveyor belts, that is, glue. Today, Mingcheng will tell you about the glue and glue used in the glue connection of conveyor belts. Things to pay attention to.

The film and glue should be stored in a dark, dry place, avoid direct sunlight, avoid all kinds of radiation, and keep away from fire sources. ?

Films and glues should be kept away from dusty places, and all kinds of chemicals should not come into contact with them.

The humidity of the environment where the film and glue are stored is 50%-75%, and the temperature should not be lower than 5℃ and not exceed 35℃. ?

The shelf life of film and glue: 1 month in summer, 2 months in winter, 1.5 months in spring and autumn.
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