What are the specifications and models of PVC

by:Uliflex     2021-04-03
Recently, many customers have inquired about the specifications and models of the conveyor belt? Today Uliflex will introduce to you the specifications and models of PVC conveyor belts.

PVC conveyor belt

First of all, regarding the PVC conveyor belt, the main parameters of the PVC conveyor belt that can have a unified standard are thickness, color, cloth layer and so on. According to factors such as conveying materials and use environment, PVC conveyor belts are customized according to customer dimensions.

In terms of the thickness of PVC conveyor belt products, the usual thickness is 1mm-10mm, and the general thickness is an integer, such as 6mmpvc conveyor belt;

From the color of PVC conveyor belt products, the usual colors are green, white, black, blue, dark green, yellow, orange and so on. Based on the existing colors, the colors can be customized according to the needs of customers, and confirmed according to the color number;

From the perspective of PVC conveyor belt product cloth layer, the usual cloth layer has one cloth and one glue, two cloth and two glue, three cloth and three glue, four cloth and four glue, etc. If you need special tension requirements, you can do more cloth layers and glue layers;

In addition to the basic parameters of these products, they belong to the standard specifications and models. All other PVC conveyor belt processing are customized in non-standard form! Mingcheng Transmission has professional conveyor belt production and processing experience and can provide technical support throughout the process.

What do you know about the specifications and models of PVC conveyor belts? If you need to know more about the products and related applications of light conveyor belts, please call for consultation.
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