What are the synchronous belt wheel type electric selection criteria

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Synchronous belt wheel there are many different kinds and types, this is for the need of work with different people, including electric also is a kind of pulley, that many users will want to, pulley in selection of the usual time already have many points need to pay attention to, with the electric wheel selection criteria and will be what kind of, in fact this is the need to type according to power, small belt wheel speed belt. Electric synchronous belt wheel at the time of selection in the belt speed and the space allows, a small pulley diameter as large as possible. A type with the minimum number of parameters is GBT11362; General electric pulley in work and exercise the biggest tape speed: 30 ~ 50 meters per second, XL, X 50, H is 30, and electric pulley can according to the requirement of speed ratio of large belt wheel teeth or diameter. Synchronous belt is strong rope or glass fiber layer, coated with polyurethane or neoprene ring belt, belt within weeks into dentate, make its meshing with cog belt wheel. When electric synchronous belt wheel transmission, accurate transmission ratio, the axial force is small, compact structure, oil resistant, good wear resistance, anti-aging performance is good, temperature - generally use 20℃-80℃,v< 50m/s,P< 300千瓦,我< 10, for synchronous drive can also be used for low speed drive.
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