What good method can effectively increase the using life of rubber synchronous belt transmission

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
You are familiar with: drive belt is the main composition of the rubber, and no matter what all can through the washing of time, so is a drive belt, the same will happen as the change of time slowly aging. In the absence of abnormal operation environment, the drive belt is able to achieve a satisfactory life, and used in actual operation and maintenance, has great may be due to improper handling and interfere with the transmission belt service life. How do the rubber synchronous belt maintenance is best? Rubber synchronous belt which will be affected by environmental temperature, transmission system, foreign bodies, lubricating oil splash, kink belt, and equipped with tension and so on reason and interfere with its using life. So users need to be more careful. For now the engine configuration compact engine warehouse, high compression ratio, some models equipped with a turbocharged and so on, this will increase engine barn temperature make drive belt operation environment is rather poor. The experiment has proved that the use of synchronous belt transmission life will soon fall due to the increase of ambient temperature. Hot summer, when user ignore water thermometer pointer, not only at the expense of his engine, also in the growth rate of loss of drive belt use period. Synchronous belt transmission is very strict to the requirement of the transmission system, parts of the same transmission plane with the surface and coaxial degree directly interfere with the use of synchronous belt life. In a transmission plane in the drive belt is only for rubber parts, all parts of abnormal interference in the belt and the accessories would greatly damage the drive belt. Drive end after running for a long time, because of wear and tear, or very likely to damage the original face accessories with the degree of surface or alignment. Because the car is multifarious, very likely in the bad road conditions or let the belt pulley on the splash to the foreign bodies, foreign bodies in the case of fast speed, in continuous cut like a knife belt, it will happen quickly led to drive belt damage. In a poor environment after the operation, to view the transmission system in time for any foreign body splash.
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