What is the difference between a patterned conveyor

by:Uliflex     2020-05-22
The patterned conveyor belt is divided into ordinary type, heat-resistant type, cold-resistant type, acid-alkali-resistant type, oil-resistant type, etc. according to the performance of the cover rubber. It can be designed according to user requirements, and is suitable for powder, granule, and lump less than 30 degrees Material transportation. The packaging conveyor determines the pattern specifications according to the size of the material and the conveying angle. The main characteristics of anti-skid conveyor belts are anti-skid, anti-skid function is better, anti-skid conveyor belts have long service life and long service life, the main application industries: tobacco industry conveyor belts, logistics industry conveyor belts, packaging industry conveyor belts, printing industry conveyor belts, food industry Conveyor belt, wood industry conveyor belt. The non-slip conveyor belt is used for conveying angle more than 17 degrees.
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