What is the difference between ordinary and special conveyor belt conveyor belt? Teng ying industrial belt manufacturer to make professional analysis

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
Uliflex industrial belt manufacturer of small make up understand, conveyor belt is more widely used in the machinery industry machinery accessories. If you want to make full use of the characteristics of the conveyor belt for the manufacture of high efficiency, need according to the actual demand for machinery and equipment, choose a different material of the conveyor belt, conveyor belt chosen the right, tend to produce twice the result with half the effort. In general, and special conveyor belt conveyor belt conveyor belt can be divided into ordinary and two kinds of conveyor belt material is also different. Specifically, what are the difference between follow in the footsteps of Uliflex industrial belt manufacturer small make up together look at it: ( A) , the common conveyor belt, the conveyor belt made with core fiber fabric, with the general rubber cover material, the surface is smooth level off, the core is made of cotton, nylon, polyester or vinylon fiber woven layer or whole fabric. Cotton fiber is the earliest application core material, easy and rubber adhesive, when wet strength increased slightly, but low breaking strength, poor anticorrosion mouldproof and application increasingly increase, nylon fiber strength is as high as 700 n, water resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to detour fatigue; But elastic elongation larger, polyester and nylon fiber similar performance, and application of elastic extension is only half of the nylon fiber, is a promising materials, vinylon fiber strength of 200 n, the elastic elongation than nylon fibre, easy and rubber adhesive, heat resistant performance is good, but when wet strength to land, 10-25% at ribbon core can be used only when a kind of fiber, also can use two kinds of fibre blended or mixed. ( 2) , special conveyor belt is divided into high Angle belt conveyor, steel cord conveyor belt, heat resistant conveyor belt, cold resistant conveyor belt, flame retardant conveyor belt, steel belt and wire mesh belt, high Angle conveyor belt: contains the short pattern, high decorative pattern, horizontal clapboard type belt and guard type with a few classes, with short pattern on the compulsory cover rubber height in various shapes under 10 mm rubber lug or ribbed, move to stop the material layer, used for transporting powdery material and small particles, high decorative pattern on the surface of the belt with bump height between 10 to 25 mm, to prevent the roll of the material, used for conveying medium and large granularity material, these two kinds of belt conveying inclination makes up 10 degrees, transverse diaphragm type belt on the compulsory cover rubber with high of more than 100 mm of clapboard, the shape of the plate is divided into double high fin, fin, article V or a glyph, can be used to complete the inclination of 53 ° upward transportation, guard belt with corrugated or platy penal diaphragm plate, the height of the rim is 40 ~ 300 millimeter, the belt will be able to complete the vertical ascend. Steel cord conveyor belt: with more flexible and high strength special wire rope instead of fabric core conveyor belt, the 60 s, steel cable with a large number of applications, its breaking strength can be as high as 7000 cattle/mm, elastic extension, lateral stiffness is small, impact resistant performance is good. Most of long belt conveyor application of this kind of conveyor belt, in some belt feeder has adopted; Heat resistant conveyor belt: with special rubber cover material industrial conveyor belt, conveying material has the highest temperature can reach 800 ℃; Cold resistant conveyor belt, and make cover material with special rubber conveyor belt, is applied in 55 ℃ environment; Flame retardant conveyor belt: with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or special rubber cover material of rubber belt, mainly used in coal mine; It attacks with roller or other part strongly friction resistance to attack fire and explode; Wire mesh belt: using metal conveyor mesh belt, both can be broken material conveying, also can undertake as the delivery of items; Steel belt: the thick 0. 2 to 4 mm cold rolled steel plate, used mostly in the drying furnace on the conveyor. More technical problems about mechanical equipment with industrial belt, welcome to contact us we Uliflex industrial belt manufacturer, we experienced more than 20 years of technical engineers to make you a professional answer, solve your all kinds of confusion in the aspect of industrial belt.
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