What is the prospect of the conveyor belt industry?

by:Uliflex     2020-07-05
With the development of China's conveyor belt industry, the total consumption of raw rubber in China's conveyor belt industry has ranked first in the world. During the 'Eleventh Five-Year' period, China's conveyor belt products have been no matter in quantity, scale or overall technical level. It has greatly improved, but it still has not got rid of the extensive growth mode, and there is still a big gap compared with the international advanced level. To this end, when formulating the “12th Five-Year Plan” of the tape industry, China Rubber Industry Association proposed to focus on six practical topics. This is the information obtained by the reporter at the 2010 International Forum on Hose Tape Information and Technology organized by the China Rubber Industry Association Tube and Belt Branch. Li Hong, Secretary General of the China Rubber Association Pipe Belt Branch, introduced the six topics to be developed as follows: diameter straight weft high-strength fabric core conveyor belt, heat and temperature resistant conveyor belt, automotive elastic multi-ribbed belt, multi-ribbed belt molding vulcanization Research on the safety of the molding process, the new high-strength skeleton materials such as polyester tempered brown silk for transmission belts, and the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon content of the tape products. The straight warp and straight weft fabric core is a replacement product of medium and high-strength layered fabric core conveyor belt, and is also a typical product with less layering of the fabric core conveyor belt. At present, the gap between domestic products and foreign advanced levels is very large, and the conveyor belt structure should be increased. , Technology and equipment independent innovation research and development efforts; with the development of metallurgy and building materials industry, the demand for heat and high temperature resistant conveyor belts is increasing, and the performance requirements are also getting higher and higher, and the existing heat and temperature resistant conveyors must be further improved The heat and temperature resistance of the belt and the extended service life should pay special attention to the research on the structure of the adhesive tape, the skeleton material and the rubber material; China has been able to produce various V-ribbed belts for automobiles, but some high-end car V-ribbed belts need to be imported. The elastic V-ribbed belt is an urgently needed variety for automotive equipment, so it needs to be improved in terms of rubber temperature performance, process and equipment, so as to meet the enterprise standards of the relevant automobile manufacturers; the V-ribbed belt molding vulcanization molding process can save raw materials and reduce For wastewater and noise pollution, further research should be carried out on the formulation of rubber compound and the structure of the adhesive tape to cooperate with energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection. The polyester tempered brown yarn has a non-twist structure, which can effectively increase the service life of the transmission belt because it is not loose and not easy to extend. Moreover, energy saving and emission reduction are the cutting-edge technology of the transmission belt skeleton, but the research and development technology is more difficult, so it should be promoted to be practical. In addition, since the European REACH regulations and the relevant US regulations are promulgated, strict requirements are imposed on the content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in rubber products including tapes. Therefore, it is necessary to study the chemicals used in the tape industry in China to make the tape products comply with the EU and the United States. New relevant laws and regulations, which is not only conducive to the protection of human body, environment and ecology, but also conducive to the export of tape products.
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