What is the purpose of the special processing all kinds of polyurethane synchronous belt?

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
Uliflex is polyurethane synchronous belt supplier, also can according to your production process and the requirements of the machinery and equipment for special custom processing, such as: add PU, add rubber ( Black glue, white glue, green glue, red glue) , and high temperature resistance rubber, heightening wear-resisting rubber, sponge ( Ordinary sponge, hardness sponge, sponge cloth) , positive and negative gabe, punching, milling gear industrial belt, such as special processing. So, we have all kinds of industrial belts what is the purpose for a variety of special processing? A, belt bonding PVC conducting bar, baffle, skirt edge and is the purpose of conducting bar can have the effect of anti running deviation; Add baffle of the conveyor belt can be used to improve transportation, reach the purpose of increasing production efficiency; But the skirt can effectively prevent the material of the slide. 2, polyurethane synchronous belt thickening PU can achieve the goal of increasing the rubbing force and high temperature resistant. Three, industrial belt drilling, slotting belt punch can have time or adsorption. Four, higher density sponge, foam sponge is soft, there is a certain tensile strength at the same time, the belt surface foam mainly have the effect of exhaust and buffer. Polyurethane synchronous belt supplier, Uliflex industrial belt co. , LTD. , 15 years to focus on the production and processing of various industrial belt, inventory, fast delivery, your trustworthy partner!
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