What kind of processing technology synchronous belt wheel with

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
If it is on the common horizontal lathe by using carbide tool the extrusion technique, can tighten retaining ring on the synchronous belt wheel. Turning processing belt wheel, which can be installed in the collar of the cylindrical side steps car ring groove. Retaining ring between the pulley and cooperate with light pressure assembly, and through extrusion deformation tighten retaining ring on the pulley. Synchronous belt wheel processing technology, the need to cutting tools is to use elbow cemented carbide tool restructuring. Burr is refers to the removal of synchronous belt wheel surface tiny metal particles, the particles known as burrs. They are in cutting, grinding, milling and other similar to the process of chip formation. Metal material in the direction of high strength, high hard, Gao Ren development, more and more complex integral component in mechanical products, also increase the difficulty of the burr, the traditional manual burr homework is very difficult to meet the requirements of the development of burr, a variety of mechanization and automation burr new technology, new technology arises at the historic moment. To improve the quality of workpiece and prolong the service life of the synchronous belt wheel processing requirements, in addition to all metal precision parts of burr. Surface, sharp Angle and edge must meet extremely high metal cleanliness, when necessary, must be suitable for the metal plating and electroplating.
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