What parameters need to be provided for woodworking
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What parameters need to be provided for woodworking

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1. Basic information of customers

What parameters are needed for woodworking conveyor belt customization? A woodworking company from Jingzhou, Hubei proposed that they mainly produce wood products such as wood panels, furniture, and decorative materials.

1. The equipment has a low degree of automation and requires manual operation;

2. The production line is long and requires manual transportation;

3. Without design experience, I would like to develop my own equipment based on cost considerations.

Woodworking conveyor belt

2. Case analysis

1. Woodworking equipment involves many product lines. Based on the photos provided by the customer, we basically confirm that the customer mainly processes sheet metal and needs to be equipped with some belt conveyor equipment and synchronous belt conveyor equipment;

2. The specific type of conveyor belt to be used is to be confirmed;

3. The customer makes a plan by himself, and confirms the rationality of the conveyor belt according to the equipment parameters of each section.

Woodworking conveyor belt

Three, customer service

1. Provide the corresponding conveyor belt product catalog, and first provide the corresponding conveyor belt solution case in the woodworking industry;

2. Assist customers in reasonable selection, such as: reasonable selection of synchronous belt models, etc.;

3. Confirm the use plan of the conveyor belt and confirm the drawing processing and production;

4. Assist customers in installation and commissioning to ensure the normal and stable operation of all conveying equipment;

5. Follow-up maintenance services, provide detailed tips during use, record the service life of the conveyor belt, and optimize the selection reasonably.

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