When was Uliflex Transmission established?
Founded in 1998,Foshan Uliflex Transmission Technology Co., Ltd has rich experience in producing best timing belt manufacturer . Since the business began, we experienced problems and underwent frustrations. After years of development and efforts, we've accumulated rich experience in producing and offering expert customer services. As company rapidly develops, we've sold our products to many foreign countries and regions and have gained recognition in the international market.

Uliflex Transmission is an enterprise specializing in the production and supply of customized timing belt. Uliflex Transmission's timing belt series include multiple types. The materials of Uliflex Transmission timing belt is high quality as they are manufactured on standardizarion production line. It is widely used in industries such as Agriculture & Forestry, Food & Beverages, and Mechanical & Plant Engineering. Inserted with an electro spark detector, it is durable in use because it is designed with a high electrostatic protection level on its chips. It is highly resistant to aging and ozone.

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