Where is the pasting box machines of the future?

by:Uliflex     2020-11-19
It is understood that the packaging printing industry to achieve rapid development of our country in recent years, but still at the initial stage, the pasting box industry break pasting box machines is a very big challenge, but we believe in the future, the development situation of pasting box machines mainly the following points. Pasting box machines 1, adapt to the small batch production of box short version live more and more at present, the small batch pasting box in the domestic main or rely on manual, if automatic pasting box machines to a breakthrough in terms of small batch production in the future, will be more conducive to the application of automatic pasting box machines. 2, high speed and high productivity as a color box supplier, can you provide instant production and real-time supply has become a prerequisite for the customer to choose or not. The delivery on time, within the shortest possible time to provide a sufficient number of cartons will help to get the order. For pasting box machines must be easy to adjust, production speed is high, the stability is also essential, of course, because the manufacturer need at any time in the condition of preparation production. 3, improve the degree of automation in the entire printing industry in the commissioning period tighter and operation cycle shorter, more work transformation and need cut set as the basis for the direction of time, after printing equipment manufacturers are also facing increasing pressure. Automatic pasting box machines, the higher the degree of automation, the less reliance on operators, but also can improve the production efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of operators. In the aspects of interoperability will be more and more tend to be more humane, reflecting 'people-oriented' design concept. The main pasting box machines supplier in China shut down. 4, multi-function, mobility from the point of international market share, the straight line box of the proportion of falling, alien box of the proportion of rising gradually. At present, China's packaging market is still wide spread use of standard line box. With the acceleration of economic globalization and market competition intensifying, the consumer more and more high to the requirement of packaging and packaging users, in order to improve the value-added products, packing box of the box type design is increasingly diverse, some advanced automatic lock bottom type also more and more demand color box. This kind of complex box type generally cannot effectively with artificial or simply pasting box mechanism. In adaptability, box type automatic pasting box machines made far less import automatic pasting box machines, especially in the production of special box, automatic pasting box machines made in China at present is unable to meet the requirements, domestic manufacturers more need to redouble our efforts. Guangzhou Uliflex industrial belt specializing in the production of pasting box machines belt. 020 - welcome to inquire 39930816, 020 - 39930817
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