Where to get help if timing belt gets problem during the use?
After identifying the problems of timing belt , Foshan Uliflex Transmission Technology Co., Ltd will arrange the most professional after-sales team to help you. By following the instruction manual, we are responsible for repairing the products for free during the warranty period. During the usage of the product, you can send the product back to us for repair. Once the product is out of warranty period, we will charge you for the parts and accessories.

As one of China's small and medium-sized enterprises, Uliflex Transmission is trustworthy. Uliflex Transmission's round belt series include multiple types. The product of Uliflex Transmission offers the feeling of an architectural design which is a great appealing to customers. It performs well in highlighting the atmosphere of the applications. The close manufacturing tolerances assure its teeth mesh precisely with pulley grooves. Customers can avail themselves from the product at market leading prices. There is virtually no elongation (stretching) due to wear when using this product.

our company offers customized timing belt for many world-renowned brands.
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