Why polyurethane synchronous belt transmission is more and more valued? What are your reasons for which is unknown?

by:Uliflex     2020-11-19
Obviously transmission mechanism in the automation equipment, the synchronous belt wheel, is now more commonly used a, what advantage and synchronous belt wheel drive? Here are from guangzhou Uliflex jun break down one by one for you. Polyurethane synchronous belt transmission is through the inner surface equidistant distribution on the transverse tooth and belt pulley on the corresponding tooth meshing to transmit motion. Compared with friction type belt drive, polyurethane synchronous belt transmission belt and synchronous belt wheel, there is no relative sliding between so polyurethane synchronous belt transmission can ensure strict ratio, also because of this, for the synchronous belt transmission center distance and synchronous belt, the size of the wheel stability requirement is high. Polyurethane synchronous belt transmission has many advantages: 1, low noise, wide range of drive 2 3, transmission speed, high transmission power, high transmission efficiency, 4 to 98% 5, the transmission structure is compact, can be used for multiple spindle drive 6, occupy less space in the equipment, light weight, free maintenance, are not allowed to do the lubrication processing, can not cause the pollution problem 8, where poor working conditions to these advantages more than work laid the polyurethane synchronous belt transmission in the status of automation equipment, all kinds of machinery and equipment, at the same time also makes the mechanical equipment is more and more inseparable from the synchronous belt transmission mechanism. Now everybody to have a preliminary understanding of the synchronous belt transmission? Guangzhou Uliflex jun in the research and development, production, sales, synchronous belt with 15 years of rich experience, guangzhou Uliflex gentleman waiting for you to harass!
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