Why synchronous belt wheel gear produces overheating?

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
Synchronous belt wheel widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, petroleum, mining and power stations in the areas such as the transfer of oil medium, pressure, fuel injection, etc, and large machinery and equipment in thin oil circulation, and can do all things in all kinds of mechanical equipment lubrication pump. Motor overheating is synchronous belt wheel in the movement process will produce temper often, detailed analysis of the inspection as follows: 1, using the category ( Capacity and head) Beyond the synchronous belt wheel design requirements: according to the series, choose the suitable motor. 2, the proportion of medium is greater than the synchronous belt wheel: the configuration of the motor equipped with appropriate synchronous belt wheel with motor. 3, packing gland pressure to prison or mechanical seal spring adjustment too tight: once again, the gland or mechanical seal adjusted by the amount of spring compression. 4, pump fittings quality is not so good, there is friction or the motor and pump shaft is not concentric: check with the quality of the removal of fittings of failure. Can according to the above situation, one by one analysis, find the real cause of lead to motor overheating, in accordance with the relative problems in maintenance and repair. Gear or the pulley and shaft coupling: when the gear or pulley and shaft coupling, the same shall be to remove transmission clearance. Using double bond removal clearance: the fastening screws on the side of the key top up key, key in the keyway, tightly remove clearance, two key drive different rotation direction respectively. Using cone ring vice connection: cone ring vice are matched by a taper ring and a pairing with outer cone ring. Connection, the number of deputy vice vcos in between shaft and wheel hole taper ring, outer taper ring of hole and shaft, the taper ring round and round hole small matching clearance operations. Screw pitch screw end cover, let end cover near the round face, end cover the face of the inner cone ring, let the inner and outer taper ring produces mutual extrusion, the outer cone hole in smaller, hold shaft, inner cone ring diameter, the hole lhe swelling, complete keyless connection of shaft and the wheel.
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