Working Charter for Belt Post

by:Uliflex     2020-07-03
1. Obey the command and earnestly implement the handover system, equipment inspection and maintenance procedures, and various production process assessment systems. The contents of the shift shift should be checked and confirmed item by item. If there is any objection to the equipment and materials, it should be reported to the team leader or workshop in time. 2. After the shift, the inspection of the equipment must be strengthened, whether the high-inclination belt is normal, whether the connecting parts and screws are tightened, whether the belt is damaged, whether the interlocking limit is reliable, and the lighting of the pit, high position and other parts should be kept in good condition . 3. Check if the idler is falling off, adjust the belt deviation in time, observe the reducer in time, and it is strictly forbidden to use the pedal or hand wheel belt. 4. It is strictly forbidden to repair, clean and refuel when the belt is in operation. It is often contacted during the feeding process to strengthen the joint warranty system. 5. Before starting the belt and vibration, carefully check whether there are people on both sides of the equipment and belt, whether there are unsafe factors and prevent positive rectification. When feeding the belt, the bell must be sounded first, and the material should be fed according to the silo. 6. The following points should be observed during the operation: the belt can't be allowed to stop with material feeding, the single-vibrating material should be used for loading cold material, double electric vibration is not allowed to open, the material can not be piled at the belt tow roller, and the electric vibration should not be opened when unloading the vehicle. 7. Debug the chain of belt electric vibration once a week. 8. After the high-level silo is unloaded, the grate of the discharge port should be covered, and it is not allowed to walk on the silo without grate or damage, and make a record. 9. When cleaning, you must turn off the belt and vibration power, confirm up and down clearly, make a record of the class, clean the indoor and working area, and create and ensure a good environment on the job site. 10. During the feeding process, if an abnormal reaction is found, the equipment should be stopped and inspected immediately, and the maintenance personnel should be notified to eliminate hidden dangers before resuming use. 11. For the maintenance of the feeding system, the listing system and the signature confirmation system must be implemented. Before overhauling, the loading team leader must carefully confirm the production and maintenance personnel, and communicate relevant issues, and the relevant overhaul equipment will be powered off and listed and set up a special person to guard before entering the overhaul. 12. After the overhaul is completed, the overhaul items and contents should be confirmed and checked item by item. After the verification is correct, the device can be signed and the equipment is tested for commissioning.
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