You should also pay attention to common problems

by:Uliflex     2020-07-08
  ①The frame supporting the pulley must have sufficient rigidity, otherwise the pulley will cause the two axes to be non-parallel when the combination lock is running   ② Control proper initial tension.    ③ In the synchronous belt transmission, the parallelism of the axis of the two pulleys is relatively high, otherwise the synchronous belt will run out of motion during work, or even jump out of the pulley. Non-parallel axes will also cause uneven pressure, causing early wear of the teeth.  ④When installing the synchronous belt, if the center distance between the two pulleys can be moved, the center distance of the pulley must be shortened first, and then the center distance should be reset after installing the synchronous belt. If there is a tensioner, first relax the tensioner, then install the timing belt, and then install the tensioner.    ⑤ When installing the timing belt on the pulley, remember not to use excessive force, or use a screwdriver to pry the timing belt hard, to prevent the tensile layer in the timing belt from breaking the imperceptible appearance. When designing the pulley, it is best to choose a structure where the two shafts can move closer to each other. If the structure does not allow it, it is best to install the timing belt and the pulley together on the corresponding shaft. common problem   1 The tooth edge is severely worn during use of the timing belt   2 Timing belt tooth break   3 Abnormal wear of the edge   4 Timing belt longitudinal opening   5 Timing belt deviation    Timing belt solution   1 Replace the flange pulley, realign the pulley/shaft, correct the tension, remove foreign objects, install a protective cover, check the cutting device and belt guide   2 Replace the timing pulley   3 Correct tension, install a wider belt, higher power transmission belt / increase the size of the timing belt and pulley size, check the belt type, replace if necessary   4 Do not twist the belt, install a wide belt or a large pulley, increase the diameter of the pulley or the wide belt, remove foreign objects, and tighten correctly.   5 Realign the shaft, replace the pulley flange, reinforce the bearing or the case.
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