You still use the traditional cow leather belt? This new type of synthetic leather in the flat belt

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
Flat belt leather piece of baseband has wear-resisting, heat resistance, resistance to scratch and can adapt to the use of harsh conditions such as outstanding performance characteristics, widely used by all walks of life. Uliflex according to customer's feedback to the analysis of the overall usage of flat belt leather piece of baseband performance overall usage are satisfactory, in order to make it better, it also has some shortage of place we need to further optimization, such as: the width of the cowhide, length is limited, also means a certain length of cowhide baseband bovine cortex there will be many interfaces, belt interface is the most vulnerable part of the whole a belt, cow leather belt interface too much, it will no doubt affect the service life of the belt. Some customers also can to Uliflex reflect if the cow leather belt will further optimize the performance of more suitable for their industry, Uliflex through rigorous research, analysis, arrange, believe that there is a need, will also be necessary to develop a better alternative to cow leather belt performance of flat belt products. Uliflex submit corresponding industry use feedback to the factory's technical department, flat belt and technical personnel from the perspective of optimizing ox belt cortex, try to find a better performance of material instead of leather. Through the analysis of the technical staff, and constantly test, finally found a than cowskin more wear-resisting, and heat resistance of high strength wear resistant fiber as an alternative. Technicians use this material instead of leather, the research and development, producing a new flat belt products. Immediately Uliflex to launch a new product, by the broad masses of old and new customers welcome. Feedback after a large number of customers to use a lot of information, are all think that such a man-made cow leather belt ( Made from high strength wear resistant fiber instead of cow leather belt product, let's just say it as: artificial cow leather belt) Is better than traditional cow leather belt abrasion resistance, heat resistance, and adapt to the use of harsh environment, and more stable performance, long service life. Customer must be evaluation on the top of this belt! If you want to know more about the flat belt - - - Artificial leather base band of detailed information, welcome to come to consult!
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